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Jrue Holiday Joins Twitter With the Worst Handle Ever

Wish his Twitter picture was of him raising the roof.
Wish his Twitter picture was of him raising the roof.

While we all held candlelight vigils praying for some variation of "The Jruth" to be Jrue Holiday's Twitter handle, someone was poisoning his ear with the idea that @YaBoyJHo11a would be a catchy name. Sure, the 11's can be lower-case L's and come out to be J-Holla, which is nice for maybe Ja Rule's cousin, but not for the Sixers franchise point guard.

He joins his seven teammates to hop on to 'ze Twitter, including Louis Williams (@TeamLou23), Evan Turner (@thekidet), Andres Nocioni (@SoyElChapu), Spencer Hawes (@spencerhawes00), Marreese Speights (@Mospeights16), Thaddeus Young (@yungsmoove21), and Craig Brackins (@Cbrackins_33). For reasons that don't need to be explained, Speights has easily been the most entertaining but Spence has thrown a few gems in there as well. Once Jrue learns how to run the offense use the technology, the Sixers will be Twitter contenders in the Eastern Conference. Expect plenty of tweets about fruity pebbles, scrabble, and his grandma's pink lemonade!

But that's not important yet. Your job right now is to come up with a better Twitter name for Jrue, and whatever the best is, we'll send to him as a flash mob-like group of Twitterers. Post yours as comments, and most importantly rec the ones you like, then we'll have a round of voting between the best ones. Make sure they're not taken Twitter names before you post them.

Lets stay on topic about this -- save arguments for Jrue as a franchise player and whether we should trade Iguodala for another thread. Get creative, show me what you got!

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