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LL: 2011 NBA Draft Updates, Andre Iguodala Trade Talk, Sixers Draft Targets

Trade rumors make Andre queasy.
Trade rumors make Andre queasy.

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Kate Fagan of Deep Sixer provides insight on who she beleives the Sixers will draft with the 16th pick.

While it's certainly not 100 percent, it's very likely that the team's draft pick will come from this list. The following players are in no particular order:

1. Chris Singleton, 6-foot-9 small forward from Florida State University.

2. Justin Harper, 6-9 power forward from the University of Richmond.

3. Marcus Morris, 6-9 power forward from the University of Kansas.

4. Nikola Vucevic, 7-foot center from the University of Southern California.

5. Tristan Thompson, 6-9 power forward from the University of Texas.

6. Donatas Motiejunas, 6-11 power forward from Lithuania.

7. Jordan Hamilton, 6-9 small forward from the University of Texas.

8. Kenneth Faried, 6-8 power forward from Morehead State.

Justin Harper is a bit surprising, and Marcus Morris instead of Markieff is just weird in my opinion. 


Chad Ford of ESPN ranks every NBA Draft prospect in separate tiers and predicts the range in which each player will be drafted. Below is a list of players who he believes may be possibilities when the Sixers select at 16. 

Tier Four

Bismack Biyombo (8-20)

Alec Burks (10 to 17)

Chris Singleton (10 to 18)

Klay Thompson (9 to 17)

Tristan Thompson (6 to 16)

Tier Five

Marshon Brooks (13-20)

Kenneth Faried (13-21)

Jordan Hamilton (11-19)

Tobias Harris (14-22)

Markieff Morris (13-19)

Donatas Motiejunas (12-20)

Nikola Vucevic (14-21)


Jonathan Givony of Draft Express has the Sixers taking Markieff Morris in his latest mock draft.

Morris would give the Sixers some added toughness and athleticism, which would surely please head coach Doug Collins.


Chad Ford of ESPN answers a question about a potential Andre Iguodala trade in his latest draft chat.

Iguodala is available ... and if they could get in the Top 3, they would be able to add a big man. I think the Sixers regret passing on Derrick Favors or DeMarcus Cousins in last year's draft. This could help rectify it. I'd have serious interest if I were the Jazz or Cavs. Iguodala is under rated. Warriors and Clippers have also been trying to get him. If the Sixers are at 16, most likely they go big with a guy like Tristan Thompson, Markieff Morris or Nikola Vucevic. Kenneth Faried is also a possibility here.


Ford has another blurb about the Sixers in his latest draft blog.

The Sixers are another team to watch. As ESPN's own Chris Broussard has reported, Andre Iguodala is available and the Sixers are looking for size in return. Chris Kaman could be an option. But getting up into the top five in the draft could do it as well if the Sixers are okay moving forward at a slower pace. Is Doug Collins willing to risk sliding a bit to shore up the team for the future?


Howard Beck of the New York Times has the latest on the NBA lockout.

Teams are free to make trades until the end of the month. But without a labor deal, there will be no free agency on July 1, or any roster moves until the lockout ends.


Kate Fagan provides a few interesting nuggets in her 6/17 chat. She also continues to push for a Monta Ellis trade.

Yes, I do still believe Iguodala will be traded.


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