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Golden State Warriors GM: "We are not shopping Monta Ellis"

According to Zach Lowe of, Golden State Warriors GM Larry Riley said they are not actively shopping Monta Ellis, who has been subject of trade talks with the Sixers and every other team in need of an efficiency-challenged, defensively-inadequate off-guard.

I think you have to look at what just happened in the Finals — it seemed like Dallas played pretty small guards throughout that series with Miami and did a pretty good job of it. Our problem is not the small backcourt. Our problem is defense.

I'll just repeat the "our problem is defense" line for good measure. Monta Ellis is not good at defense. Andre Iguodala is quite good. But he can keep comparing Golden State to this year's Mavericks or even the 2000-2002 Lakers all he wants. This team (and in all likelihood, no team) will be winning anything with Ellis as the focal point of their offense.

Take this for what it's worth, which is nothing, because as Andy Reid frequently teaches us, what coaches/GMs/owners/players/mommas say matters about as much as what the fans do. Posturing comes with the job description. This fulfills our weekly Monta Ellis rumor requirement. Carry on.

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