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Tristan Thompson to Sixers in Chad Ford's Latest Mock Draft


Analysis: Thompson could go as high as No. 5 or No. 6. But he also could slide. Just about every team I spoke to likes him a lot, but I've yet to find the team that's fallen in love. I doubt he slips further than this though. The Sixers need more size, toughness and rebounding. Thompson provides all three. Jordan Hamilton and Markieff Morris are also options here.

Ford has Nikola Vucevic going 14 to the Rockets which is interesting, saying "Some [GMs] have argued that the differences between him and Enes Kanter are very slim."

And since I know by our community big board that every Sixers fan is interested, Ford has Bismack Biyombo going eleventh to the Warriors.

Analysis: Jerry West is a fan of Klay Thompson and would likely select him if he's still on the board. But if he and Marcus Morris are off the board, the Warriors could be the team that takes a chance on Biyombo. The team desperately needs to improve its defense, shot-blocking and rebounding. Biyombo has the tools to do that right away.

I hate the idea of trading Andre Iguodala for Monta Ellis, but if the Sixers were able to nab the eleventh pick along with Ellis, and guaranteed Bismack, I'd be extremely tempted. 

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