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LL: Thaddeus Young and Spencer Hawes Qualifying Offers, Lou Williams on YouTube, Lucas Nogueira Withdraws from 2011 NBA Draft

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Kate Fagan of Deep Sixer has the latest on Thad and Spencer's qualifying offers.

No huge surprise here, but the 76ers will tender qualifying offers to both Thaddeus Young and Spencer Hawes. The qualifying offers can be extended any time now, but the team is expecting to get it done by the middle of this week. This is a slightly complicated process, but what happens is that once the Sixers tender each player a qualifying offer, the team earns the right to match any offer made to the player in the free agent market.

Some people have a problem with extending a qualifying offer to Hawes. I don't mind it.


Louis "The Boss" Williams has released the fifth episode of his "Peace of Mind" documentary series on YouTube.


Chad Ford of ESPN informs us international draft prospect, Lucas Nogueira plans on withdrawing from the draft.

Lucas Nogueira is withdrawing from the draft according to his agent. Smart move. Couldn't get a 1st round promise. Next year he'll be better.

I had previously written a blurb about Nogueira as a potential pick for the Sixers at 16. Turns out he was too raw to be a first-rounder this year. There's no chance he would've fell to the Sixers at pick 50.


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