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The Sixers Will Be Represented at the 2011 NBA Draft

That's me in the middle holding the basketball.
That's me in the middle holding the basketball. us. For the second year in a row, the NBA has graciously given media credentials to the SB Nation network for the 2011 NBA Draft and I managed to steal one for the second year in a row. The Sixers are in an interesting position because so much could happen for them on draft night with an Andre Iguodala trade and it'll be great to be on-hand when any big news goes down.

If you are new to Liberty Ballers, check out last year's post from Media Day and the NBA Draft which essentially was me stalking Evan Turner and making friends with him even before the Sixers got him with the second overall pick. That's just a taste of what could happen this year when we're 365 days older and more (less?) mature. I'll do my best to serve you all well. Derek will also be there, I believe under the Draft Express name. That includes strippers and booze courtesy of Jon Givony, the lucky duck.

SBN getting credentials for this once again serves to remind us that new media is skyrocketing in terms of relevance and ubiquitousness, and I'm thrilled to be on the best network of blogs out there. Perchance this time I won't get booted from my seat from the Black Athlete Sports Network, which did actually happen last year. I'm pumped to get my hands in there at the Prudential Center and do some journalism. Hard-core journalism. Also, if you happen to be considering going to the draft yourself, hit me up and we'll have a between-rounds cocktail on Jordan's dime.

In the meantime, add your comments below with your suggestions about who I should try to talk to or possibly kidnap. Anything goes. I'm excited. You're excited. Let's ride this train all the way into (NJ) Penn Station. Ew, Newark.

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