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2011 NBA Draft Updates

Draft Express has a video breakdown of big man, Markieff Morris. Morris has been linked to the Sixers in a number of mock drafts.


Draft Express has an thorough summary of the first day at Adidas Eurocamp (including workout videos). Familiar names such as Lucas "Bebe" Nogueira, Bismack Biyombo, and Donatas Motiejunas were in attendance, and at least two of the three should be available when the Sixers pick.

On Nogueira:

Noguiera looked very raw and showed some questionable body language throughout the day.


All-in-all, without reading too much into day one, Nogueira probably showed talent evaluators a lot of what they expected to see considering his lack of polish, confirming his status as a long-term project.

On Biyombo:

It wasn't pretty for Bismack Biyombo, who puzzlingly did little more than confirm his clear-cut offensive weaknesses in his workout for talent evaluators. Turnaround jumpers in the key (0/5), elbow jumpers alternating sides (2/10), free throws (23/41) - you name it, he missed it. When he switched to uncontested turnaround hook shots in the paint a few more fell, but he mixed in some air balls for good measure.

On the plus side, Biyombo's body looked great and he's still an athletic freak. His combination of length, strength agility and explosiveness is almost unheard of, causing many to marvel at his physical gifts despite the low-skill level he displayed.

He ended up measuring out at 6'9" w/ shoes, 9'4" standing reach, 7'6" wingspan, and 245 pounds with 4% body fat. 

On Motiejunas:

Donatas Motiejunas put on his own, more surprising brick show, in a very uninspired workout.

Known as a lackadaisical shooter who can't rebound, Monteijunas negated his only strength today, being unable to make anything from almost anywhere on the floor. Granted, it's one workout and his record throughout his career speaks for itself, but still. This was ugly.


There's an interesting blurb in Chad Ford's latest piece about Kenneth Faried.

New Jersey and apparently is worried that being too close to home could be a distraction for him. The Knicks are worried, too. It takes the right sort of player to make it in New York. Faried might not be the best fit.

That's weird. Philly is close to New Jersey as well.


Chad Ford of ESPN tweeted where NBA teams thought Motiejunas and Biyombo would be drafted.

Surveyed a lot of NBA teams about where Biyombo & Motiejunas projected to go. Both appear to be in 10-20 range.

At 16, the Sixers are right in the middle of that range.


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