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Draft Express: Video Breakdowns of 2011 NBA Draft Prospects

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Draft Express has been pumping out legitimate video breakdowns of draft prospects since late March. The latest involves a player who's been discussed quite a bit on the blog, Florida State's Chris Singleton. Unlike YouTube "scouting" DX's videos show more than a handful of breakaway dunks accompanied by a catchy hip-hop song. These breakdowns show each player's strengths and weaknesses, which are usually expanded upon in a written scouting report. 

With the draft about three weeks away, these videos are a must-watch for all you prospect-salivating fools, and a good reason to stop drawing conclusions from YouTube clips! A lot of us have only seen these prospects play a few times, but these snapshot videos of their strengths and weaknesses combined with various scouting reports gives every fan the advantage of being properly educated on prospects of interest. Below are the links to the prospects' video breakdowns we should be interested in as Sixers fans.

Chris Singleton

Tobias Harris

Klay Thompson 

Tyler Honeycutt (scouting report by Derek Bodner)

Tristan Thompson 

Jimmer Fredette

Kenneth Faried

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