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Haberstroh: Sixers Need Big Men; Should Re-Sign Thaddeus Young

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Sure, Young has his weaknesses, but how many forwards age 22 or younger matched his 18.4 PER last season? Three: Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin and Kevin Love -- all All-Stars. He's young enough to work on his ability to draw contact (he had a terrible free throw rate for someone who hangs around the rim) and improve his defensive consistency. In terms of upside, versatility and production, few players can match what he brings to the table. He's far from a finished product, and he's a keeper.

I have to disagree with Haberstroh here. The only way I’d consider re-signing Thad is if it was for an extremely reasonably contract. The definition for "an extremely reasonable" contract for Thad’s services has yet to be determined. With the uncertainty of the CBA and the bitter taste still lingering after Thad was exposed by Joel Anthony in the playoffs, it’s difficult for me to put an exact number on how much I believe Thad is worth.

The argument most people use is that he’s only 22 and possesses a good deal of untapped potential. However; at 22 Thad has already been in the league four years and has way too many glaring weaknesses to pencil in as Elton Brand’s successor at power forward. He’s too small to guard most big men. He doesn’t rebound defensively. He can’t shoot. He has a decent post game, but scores most of his points out-hustling big men in the open court and crashing the offensive glass with unmatched energy. I’m sorry, that sounds like a bench player to me. I know he’s 22, but I haven’t seen any indication in the previous four years that he’ll ever be good enough defensively or on the glass to start for a championship contending team.