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NBA Playoff Thread

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"Look at these <em>hands</em>, man!"
"Look at these hands, man!"

It's been almost a week, and the Sixers have yet to resurrect themselves into the playoff race. I'm not sure if anyone's surprised by this, but hey -- you never know. As you have probably noted, it's been rather dead on LB the past few days. That end of season hangover is lingering for all of us and it's tough to muster up that will power and hard apple cider it takes to write something on this B.

So instead, I'll let you guys duke it out. There's a whole rest of the playoffs going on and you probably want to talk about it with some of your closest and faceless friends. That's why we're here! So without any more excuses, here is your Tuesday playoff thread.

7:00 - Boston vs. Miami (1-0) - Celtics Blog vs. Peninsula Is Mightier

9:30 - Memphis (1-0) vs. Oklahoma City - Straight Outta Vancouver vs. Welcome to Loud City

Have at it, hosses. I miss Sixers.