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LL: 2011 NBA Draft Combine Results, Andrew Bynum "Untouchable", Availability of Number Two Pick

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We've discussed the possibility of the Sixers trading Andre Iguodala to the Minnesota Timberwolves for the second overall pick in the 2011 NBA Draft. Rumor has it they are willing to part with the number two pick for a veteran swingman. Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated has the latest:

One source says the Wolves have considered moving down a spot or two to take Enes Kanter while getting additional assets in a trade.


Another tongue-in-cheek trade suggestion made by many Sixers fans this off-season is Andre Iguodala for Andrew Bynum of the Los Angeles Lakers. Any such deal had virtually no chance in the first place, but now word out of Lakers camp is that Bynum is untouchable.

Jim Buss is running the Lakers and according to Yahoo! Sports, the Lakers vice president has let it be known within the organization that center Andrew Bynum is untouchable.

Guess that means no Dwight Howard for the Lakers either.


Draft Express has all of the combine measurements and athletic testing results for the 2011 NBA Draft posted in a sortable database. Liberty Ballers love-child Kenneth Faried measured in at a tiny 6'6" (without shoes), 225. However; his wingspan was 7', his standing reach was 9' (only 1.5" shorter than Kanter), and he benched 185 an impressive 16 times. His 9' reach along with his 35" max vertical gave him a 11'11" reach overall – only .5" shorter than any prospect projected to go in the first round.

His height – and to a certain extent weight – aren't ideal, but his athletic test results are encouraging, and we know the man can rebound. Click the link and scope out all the other potential Sixers prospects.


Draft Express also has the results from the shooting drills posted. There's not much you can take from these in my opinion, but worth a look. Enes Kanter was 14/25 on spot-up (college) threes.


Chad Ford from ESPN wrote a brief piece (insider) on which prospects impressed at the combine.

Florida State's Chris Singleton looked great with a 37½-inch vertical and a very fast 3.1-second three-quarter court sprint. Ditto for Tennesse's Tobias Harris, who looks like a much better athlete than he's given credit for with a 37½-inch vert, a 10.96-second lane agility time and 3.17-second three-quarter court sprint.


cool crossover video from the New York Times, featuring Allen Iverson.


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