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2011 NBA Draft: Community Big Board #1

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Last year we put together a massive big board, which we started depressingly early. This year we're doing things a little differently. Instead of a 30 player big board beginning with the number one prospect we are going to vote on a 10-man board of prospects you want the Sixers to select with the 16th overall pick in next month's NBA Draft.

To avoid compiling a board of unrealistic options for the Sixers we'll make this simple. The Sixers own the 16th pick, so we're going to use Draft Express' top 100 prospect list, starting at prospect 16. I realize a player or two in their top 15 will fall to the Sixers, but I'd rather not predict which one(s).

10 days, 5 prospects per poll – that's how we'll roll. Once we have the top 10 compiled for the 16th pick, we'll do the same for the Sixers second round (pick 50). At some point before the draft the unbelievably handsome writers at Liberty Ballers and Tanner will also compile an experts Big Board, as we did last year. I've been working on my personal wish list all season.

Without further adieu, vote or die.