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The Sixers Should Inquire About the Second Pick

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Shortly after the draft lottery concluded and the Minnesota Timberwolves were locked into the second overall pick, rumors of GM David Kahn willingness to trade the pick for "veteran help" surfaced. Here's what we know:

  • This is a weak draft, especially at the top.
  • The T'Wolves need a small forward.
  • Kahn wants "veteran help".
  • The Sixers desperately need a young big man to pair with Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner.
  • The Sixers have a very good veteran small forward whose been the subject of trade rumors since the beginning of time, and the Wolves own a pick – which they're supposedly willing to shop – that could net the Sixers a much-needed big man prospect in Enes Kanter.
With the uncertainty surrounding the CBA and salary cap, forget the details of a potential trade for now. Just know, Rod Thorn ain't doing his job if he doesn't at least call Kahn and the Wolves about a potential Iguodala-for-two swap. It makes too much sense. I doubt the Wolves will get a better offer. Iguodala and pick 16 is much sweeter than the hypothetical proposed here.

Do it!