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Sixers Post-Lottery NBA Mock Drafts

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Chad Ford, ESPN

Markieff Morris, Kansas

The Sixers really need a big man, and Morris, a Philly native, is the best one left on the board. Morris has a rep as a good defender, shot-blocker and rebounder, but he also proved at Kansas that he can step out and hit the 3. He's a bit rawer than his brother, but he's a good get at this point in the draft.

Jonathan Givony, Draft Express (via Yahoo! Sports)

Tristan Thompson, Texas

With Elton Brand(notes) past his prime and Thaddeus Young(notes) entering restricted free agency, power forward appears to be the biggest position of need for the 76ers. Thompson could give the Sixers some added toughness and athleticism, which would surely please head coach Doug Collins.

Both players are on my Sixers wish list. How do you guys feel about these projections? Selby, Hamilton, Nogueira, Faried, Singleton, and Fredette are available after the Sixers pick in either, or both mocks.

UPDATE (5/18, 8:38 AM)

Tom Ziller, SB Nation

Jan Vesely, SF, Czech Republic

Another player who should be higher. I guess I'm biased against Euros! Vesely is reportedly more of a gazelle, and Omri Casspi-type transition star with little in the way of halfcourt refinement. That sounds exactly like the Philadelphia 76ers.

Can't see Vesely dropping this far, but if he does it is imperative the Sixers take him based on talent alone. He's got some of the highest upside in this draft and if he becomes a half-decent jump shooter, could become a legitimate 2nd or 3rd option on a team, something that can't be said for most players in the mid-teens. That being said, he's a top 10 pick on almost every other mock and likely won't fall this far.  - Mike