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Liberty Links: Enes Kanter, Chad Ford, Ed Snider, and Andre Iguodala

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Chad Ford, ESPN: Kanter could go No. 1

He's big (he measured a shade below 6-foot-11 in shoes with a 7-1 wingspan at the Hoop Summit), has an NBA body and uses his strength around the basket. He has a relentless motor on the boards and has excellent footwork for an 18-year-old big man. He's also gotten in terrific shape in Chicago and appears much more explosive than we thought last year. At the Hoop Summit, Kanter was nursing a back injury and could barely get off the floor. In workouts here at ATTACK, Kanter showed he had no problem playing over the rim. While he's no Blake Griffin, he's not a stiff, either.

... Virtually every team I spoke with has him as a top-five prospect on their board. A few told me they believe that had he played at Kentucky this year, he may have been the favorite to go No. 1 overall.

A big man like Kanter is every Sixers fan's dream. Pairing the 18 year-old with Holiday and Turner for the next decade would make for an extremely talented foundation to build around. Unfortunately, for the Sixers to have a chance at Kanter they'd probably have to trade into the top 3. Would a combination of Iguodala, Louis Williams, Mo Speights and the 16th pick be enough? I know some Kings fans who'd trade their potentially top three pick for Iguodala. But do I have faith in Thorn and Stefanski to pull off a trade that makes actual "basketball sense"? No.

Chad Ford, ESPN: Kanter could go No. 1

In the same article Ford discusses Florida State forward Chris Singleton, who ranks second on my Sixers wish list.

Florida State's Chris Singleton is widely regarded as the draft's best perimeter defender. Singleton has a terrific combination of size, length, athleticism and toughness. He can guard three positions on the floor and was a dominant defender in the ACC this year.

David Thorpe, ESPN: Reggie Jackson still has work to do

It's important to note that many players end up playing much more athletically as pros than they did in college. This is important for Jackson, who looks like he can do more above the rim than he has thus far. If this proves to be the case, and Jackson continues to be a solid to very good shooter from 3, then anyone getting him after the lottery will be very happy. He'll be in a team's point guard rotation, with a chance to be a starter, especially if he realizes his defensive potential.

Jackson ranks tenth on my Sixers wish list.

Kate Fagan, Deep Sixer: Brackins: What you need to know

Brackins might, if he improves dramatically this off-season, earn some playing time in a reserve role, but he does not possess the skill set -- physical presence, toughness, rebounding, shotblocking, post moves -- the Sixers must acquire before the start of next season.

I agree 100%. Fagan thinks Brackins could consume Mo Speights minutes next year.

Brackins brings better basketball IQ and, likely, a more disciplined attitude, which means he could pick up some of [Speights]  minutes, but he's not the answer to the big man question.

CSNPhilly: Ed Snider discusses Andre Iguodala

... and tells us absolutely nothing.

Bob Cooney, Sixerville: Iguodala trade rumor and Rudy Gay

"And, quite frankly, it (ticks) me off. I think it's cruel to [Rudy Gay]. He died during this period. That's how much he wanted to play. And to now have to hear that we're trading him? There's nothing more untrue than that," said [Grizzlies owner] Heisley

Michael (I agree) didn't think trading Andre for Rudy accomplished anything anyway. 

Luc Richard Mbah a Mounte, ESPN: Luc Richard Mbah a Moute's scouting report

Described by Kevent Durant as one of the best defenders in the league, Luc Richard gives TrueHoop his personal scouting reports on the superstarstars still alive in the Playoffs. Pretty cool read.

YouTube, ESPN: Taj Gibson SICK Dunks in Game 1 Eastern Conference Finals - Heat vs. Bulls

In case you live under a rock, here's a look at Taj Gibson's filthy dunks in Game one of the Eastern Conference Finals.