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Andre Iguodala named to NBA All-Defensive second team

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The NBA has released the results of the All-Defensive teams, and the Sixers Andre Iguodala was voted to the second team.  Iguodala received 5 first-team votes and 5 second team votes, for a total of 15 points.

Dwight Howard (56 points), Rajon Rondo (39 points), LeBron James (38 points), Kobe Bryant (33 points) and Kevin Garnett (33 points) rounded out the first steam.  Tony Allen, Chris Paul, Tyson Chandler, and Joakim Noah joined Iguodala on the second team.

Voting for the All-Defensive teams is done by the 30 NBA coaches.  This was Iguodala's first selection to either team.

Personally, I think he deserved to be on the first team, but it's nice to see him get this recognition at least.