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Sixers vs. Raptors Bullet Point Preview

Get your fixings with some (Washington) bullet points!

  • The Raptors will be without the services of Andrea Bargnani and Jose Calderon. Both did not make the trip to Philly because they're lactose intolerant and who wants a cheese steak without wiz, seriously. 'Drea kills us, so it's terrific news that the (Veloci)Raptors don't feel like wasting his time with this game when they're 15 games out of a playoff spot with 4 to play. I'm no math wiz but I'm guessing their chances at making said playoffs are relatively slim.
  • Without Bargnani in the lineup, there's one less player whose name begins with the letters A-N-D-R-E. Iguodala and Nocioni remain.
  • Last time these two teams met, Marreese Speights scored 17 a half! With the Raptors running their B-Squad out there, let's hope Dougie C gives Elton Brand and Spencer Hawes a smaller load. Please give Dre less than 30 minutes tonight, also.
  • Ed Davis is better than I thought he'd be. Not sure why Reggie Evans starts in front of him sometimes, other than to fulfill the quota of grundle grabs that David Stern recently demanded. Jay Triano, who will be out of a job in a few minutes, is apparently trying to save it by winning another game or two down the stretch. I love how coaches/front office are so obsessed with winning even if it's to the detriment of a franchise. I'll take my picks and my development and be on my way, thanks very much.


  • Lineup that would get my panties in a bunch in a good way: Jerryd Bayless, DeMar DeRozan, Sonny Weems, James Johnson, Ed Davis. Hotness, that is. Youth in Revolt, too.
  • After two months of terrific shooting, Jrue Holiday has been cold the past three games. He'll have a tough matchup in the lighting quick Bayless tonight, but hopefully he'll be able to show his superiority on both ends with an efficient night. Evan Turner on DeRozan could be gnarly too.
  • Just get the guys playing better before the first round. Jodie and Spence particularly have been inconsistent shooting the ball lately. Let's get warm.
  • Miami and Boston are in a deadlock for 2nd/3rd place. The Knicks have a half game lead on us for the 6th, but as Evan Dunlap tells us, they probably got that tiebreaker locked up. Still, because of the shiftiness at the 2, it doesn't matter where we finish.
  • I would, however, like to get above .500 for the first time since '04. They've been stuck on 40 wins for the past three games and with three to play, they've got to win at least two to break through the barrier. Need tonight's game.
  • Game Thread will be up later.

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