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What's the Sixers Most Important Story this Offseason?

Though the first round has just come to a close, the Sixers are looking at six hard months of offseason before they play again. Though the Draft is always one of the most exciting times of the year, this offseason has a bit more intrigue than most recent ones for Sixers fans. With the decision on what to do with Thaddeus Young, the possible unhappiness of Andre Iguodala and Louis Williams (!), the inevitable improvement of Evan Turner, and the necessity of picking up an actual big man, there's a ton of stuff going on.

So what's the most important thing to you? As always, the big bad CBA looms large, but assuming basketball is played this October, what's the biggest deal. It will determine how soon the lords at LB get to these pressing issues, so choose wisely. Argue in the comments and have a lovely last day of April. Time flies when you're BOSSing.

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