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Sixers/Liberty Ballers Naughty and Nice List

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This season has arguably been the most fun I've had following basketball ever. A lot of my excitement and joy has been a direct result of the Sixers success on the court and hints at a possibly bright future, but what made the past 365+ days truly special has been the tomfoolery here on the blog.

We have a long off-season ahead of us so I don't want to blow my load in late April by dropping a massive, comprehensive post wrapping up the Sixers season, individual players, the future, and our wonderful community at Liberty Ballers, so below simply represents a running list of the good, and the bad that's happened with both the Sixers and Liberty Ballers over the last calendar year.

Hit the jump and you may just see your name on the list, and please add suggestions in the comments. Although I'm part genius, part werewolf, some things do slip my mind every now and then.  


Remember to add anything I missed in the comments. I've had a blast this season guys and girls. Here's to an equally enjoyable off-season!

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