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No More Sixers Basketball, But You Guys Are Awesome

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Since yesterday's season-ending affair, my cohorts have glorified the Sixers' season and encouraged us all to take a step back and appreciate the overachieving bunch of ragtags. And we should, because they played above their pay grade all season long while taking a championship contender to the buzzer in 4 of 5 games this series. It's also an intense bummer ("hippie!") that there won't be any more Sixers basketball and Marc Zumoff for quite a few months, and possibly more.

But screw the Sixers for a second. I want to talk about you guys. It's been (for lack of a better word) awesome to write about this team with all of you reading and commenting and challenging me and giving me back rubs. It's infinitely more enjoyable writing for an audience and ya'll make a pretty fantastic one. There's no chance I would do it if you were all assholes or completely ignorant. Some ignorance is okay, because if you were all learned and wise, what the hell do you need us for? I also think it's pretty damn cool that though the site has blown up this year (recently passed our one millionth visitor), we still have a tight community where we can all read each other's comments without being swamped by hundreds each post.

None of Jordan, Derek, Tanner or myself really has the time to run a site like this. Derek sleeps while he fast forwards through DVR'd games, Tanner writes when he's supposed to be flirting with old ladies at his big boy job, Jordan manages to post while he's stampeding prostitutes down the Vegas Strip, and I devote half my screen to the site and the other half to editing my film that somewhat ironically features Knicks savant Seth Rosenthal (shameless plug - check the trailer!). But we do it. And it's because of you sons of bitches.

I hope you stick around for the offseason, because we'll be keeping you abreast (ha!) of all Sixers happenings, speculation, and my personal favorite, absurdities. Pat yourselves on the back, give us suggestions, condemn one of us to a Roman-style execution below. We appreciate ya.

Dong 4 lyfe.

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