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Questions Surround Andre Iguodala's Future as a Sixer

He's so good.
He's so good.

Shortly after playing (and losing) a terrific elimination game, Andre Iguodala spoke to the media about this season and what lies ahead. According to Kate Fagan, when he was asked if he expects to be a Philadelphia 76er next season, here was his response:

I expect to be in the NBA.

Woah. Later, he'd go on to say he'd like to spend his entire career with one team, but it wasn't exactly a vote of confidence that he'd be on the team if/when they take the court again in the fall. As is the case with every single thing we'll be talking about this offseason, it all depends on what happens with the new Collective Bargaining Agreement.

The question is: do we want Andre back? Obviously he's a terrific player and had a nice bounceback season that cemented him as one of the top three wing defenders in the NBA. But the Sixers won't contend for a championship with Andre as its best player, something that can only happen if Evan Turner grows into a superstar. With Jodie Meeks basically locked in as the starting 2-guard because of his ability to stretch the floor, which has proved extremely valuable for the club, Evan is looking at another season off the bench unless Andre leaves.

His contract looks better than it did a few years ago, and coming off a big summer on the national team and a nice season all over the court, there will be suitors out there. Sacramento and Los Angeles (not of the Laker variety) come to mind. Dealing him for a few younger pieces and a defensive-minded big man could be integral to getting over that hump. It's pretty certain that a move like that would set us back in the short-term, but the exponential growth of Evan Turner and Jrue Holiday is the most important thing for this franchise and Andre can't be here for that to happen. With a big man in the fold, Doug could do a bit more with this roster.

There's tons of questions going into the offseason and as always, Andre is at the center. With months of complacency ahead of us, it's time to talk about them.

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