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Game 5: Sixers @ Heat Game Thread


Miami Heat (3-1)


Philadelphia 76ers (1-3)


TV: TNT, Comcast SportsNet

Tip Time: 7:00 PM EST

Location: AmericaAirlines Arena

Vegas Line: 10.5 (Heat)

Mortal Enemies of the Night: Peninsula is Mightier

76ers vs Heat coverage

  • Forget the offseason talk. Who cares what happens during the offseason. Who cares what the future holds for Thad or Spence,or even Nocioni or Iguodala. WE HAVE BASKETBALL TO TALK ABOUT, damnit. I'm hoping to have it for a few more days.
  • Can the Sixers starting lineup continue its domination ? During the first four games of the series, the Sixers starting lineup has averaged 108.3 points/48 mins on 53.5% from the field. The Sixers are averaging 85.5 points/48 and 40% from the field on the series.
  • Can the Sixers, and Thaddeus Young in particular, figure out Joel Anthony? With Anthony on the court the Sixers have an offensive rating of 82.13 and a true shooting percentage of 42%. Those numbers jump to 117.08 and 56.9% when he's not on the court. In essence, the Sixers go from the equivalent of the worst offensive team in the league to the best when he's not on the court, and both have significant minutes behind them. Young in particular is being bothered by Anthony, as he's shooting just 36.5% for the series.
  • Will the Heat get anything out of Mike Bibby ? Erik Spoelstra doesn't appear ready to make any lineup changes, but will he continue to play the ineffective guard 23.8 minutes per game when he's averaging 4 points, 1 assists, and a true shooting percentage of 29.6%?
  • What Evan Turner will we get ? He's either been on (averaging 16 points per game on 56.5% from the field in games 2 and 4), or not on the court (2 points on 40% from the field in 8 minutes per game in games 1 and 3). Will Evan Turner do enough to early to get extended minutes ? Will Collins have a little longer of a leash with Turner ?
  • How effective will Andre Iguodala be ?

This is your game thread. Go Sixers!

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