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Tuesday Discussion Thread: Turner over Meeks?

This is a weird picture.
This is a weird picture.

Well, the shine from Sunday's win is starting to wear off a bit, and I'm ready for Wednesday night to come around. The Sixers still face elimination, this time in front of the "raucous" Miami crowd. A win would be absolutely ridiculous. Taking the series back to Philly with a two-game win streak would send the media into a frenzy and probably result in a few more Heat tears. Winning the series isn't yet a consideration. It's all about taking this game and continuing to put pressure on the heavily favored Big Three.

Until then, here are some things to talk about amongst yourselves.

  • Should Evan Turner start over Jodie Meeks in Game Five? Jodie's role has been very limited in his first playoff series. He's failed to score in double-digits in all four games, something he had only done six times total since February. Turner's had two fantastic games, most recently hitting the two biggest foul shots of his life. Doug hasn't deviated from this starting lineup unless there's been an injury, so as of now it's just baseless speculation.
  • Who should get minutes between Spencer Hawes, Tony Battie, and Marreese Speights? Doug's still figuring this out. Hawes had a few very nice plays last game, but Battie was much more effective protecting the glass in less time. Doug even tried playing them both together for a few minutes. Unfortunately, Hakeem Olajuwon isn't walking through that door so we've got to deal with who we have.
  • The Heat have a Defensive Rating of 117.08 when Joel Anthony is off the court. When he's on, 82.13. That's an absurd net difference of 34.95. Offensive Rating, rebounding, and effective field goal percentage all skyrocket as well. We could really use a bad game from him.
  • Memphis is up 3-1 on San Antonio and New Orleans is tied 2-2 with the Lakers and Kobe Bryant is banged up. How good have these playoffs been?

Post any links here you find newsworthy. Have at it, kids.

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