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Playoff Roundup: Sixers Still Not Eliminated, But the Knicks Are

I don't dislike the Knicks as much as I do every other New York metropolitan area sports team, mostly because they haven't been good at the same time as the Sixers since....well, it's been a long time. And because I have a few Knicks friends, I usually root for the 'Bockers to succeed, especially against typical enemies like Boston and their archaic Big Three. Unfortunately for the Knicks, it was not to be this year and the Celtics completely pimp slapped them on the way to a 4-0 sweep. The matchup was close, like every series this playoffs, but Boston was too healthy (odd) and too full of chemistry and defense and Rajon Rondo to handle for Seth Rosenthal and Clyde Frazier.

But though I don't actively campaign against the NYK's, it does warm my cold little heart to know that those offensive-minded little men from the Garden are out of the playoffs before the scrappy and less talented Sixers. Mike D'Antoni isn't half the coach Doug Collins is, but because of the market, the Knicks get a ton more national coverage. And it's all well-deserved because New York is the biggest gig in town, but the adage of "big tree fall hard" feels great here, especially with all the Melodrama that was dangerously close to Bonds/Clemens/Landis/pre-Eagles Vick level of annoyance (not nearly Favre though). As a Syracuse basketball fan, it's hard to hate Carmelo Anthony though, even if he can be a punk from time to time.

Amare Stoudemire, who I liked when he was on Phoenix, is extremely annoying on the court, and I still harbor a ton of resentment towards Chauncey Billups for knocking the Sixers out of the playoffs about 42 times last decade. So the Knicks are out and though they'll be a better team with some more time together, they're looking up the Sixers skirts right now, which is pretty cool and arousing. NY probably would've had more success against Miami and the Sixers/Celtics would've been more equal as well. But I digress.

With the Hornets beating the Lakers (Chris Paul omg) and Atlanta taking game three over Dwight Howard's Magic, the first round of these NBA Playoffs has been pretty amazing. The Thunder can sweep the Nugs tomorrow, but I'll bet George Karl manages to grab one game from OKC and the Knicks will be the only sweep in round one. That's cool.

Discuss any non-Sixers related playoff basketball here, including Brandon Roy's resurrection, Chris Paul walking on water, Memphis trying to add to their David and Goliath tale, and other Easter-themed Bible metaphors relating to the NBA below. It's a good time to like professional basketball, at least until this summer...

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