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Game 3: Heat @ Sixers Game Thread

LeBron is so versatile that he's even a lawn chair!
LeBron is so versatile that he's even a lawn chair!


Miami Heat (2-0)


Philadelphia 76ers (0-2)


TV: TNT, Comcast SportsNet (Zumoff!)

Tip Time: 8:00 EST

Location: Wells Fargo Center

Vegas Line: 5 (Heat)

Mortal Enemies of the Night: Peninsula is Mightier

Heat vs 76ers coverage

Here are the series stats compared to both team's season stats according to


The Sixers are coming back home. Time to get a win!

  • The line has moved down to 5 from the 9.5 that the Heat not only covered, but annihilated in game 2. I'm not going to lie to you and say I know how many points Vegas normally gives just for being home, but I always assume it's 3. So I'm going to take a completely uneducated guess and say LV (not Lehigh Valley) is calling an 8 point Heatle win.
  • Brush up on your LB stories since the disgustingness that was Game 2. Mike, along with the Sixers, made a mess in his bathrrom, you chose who you felt was the scapegoat, Derek used his super powers to analyze the Sixers' struggles against the zone, the possible reality of the Sixers' getting swept was brought to light, and quotes from various team members along with a strange cue for Jrue Holiday to rub his chin.
  • After being the only Sixer to put together a somewhat decent performance in Game 2, will Evan Turner see more playing time or will Doug Collins give him the same treatment he got in the third quarter? He did a decent job defending LeBron but there's no ignoring the significant body size difference.
  • Will the Sixers starters score more points than LeBron James this time around?
  • Is Joel Anthony going to own Thaddeus Young again? Thad couldn't do a thing against Anthony in Game 2 and seeing how the starters didn't show up, a big game from Thad would have been huge (although he'd probably have to have dropped 50 points, 20 assists, and 10 boards to get a win - exaggeration? maybe).
If you're lucky enough to be in the Philadelphia area (sorry Jordan and Legend), you get to watch the game with the ever so lovely Marc Zumoff! If the Sixers could get a buzzer beater in the playoffs to get a game against the Heat, Zumoff's thyroid might explode. Can thyroids explode? What am I a doctor or something?


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