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Pick Your Scapegoat: Game Two Edition

"I vote Andre"
"I vote Andre"

Last night's game was one of the most one-sided playoff affairs of all time. To go from being a shot or two away from winning Game One against the Heat to getting statutory raped two days later is rather disheartening. But there is a cure for those types of feelings, and it's called scapegoating! Rather than feel bad about the team as a whole, let's just blame one guy, demand his release/firing/deportation and all will be better the rest of the series! It's foolproof.

Elton Brand, the highest paid player on the team, went a dazzling 1-5 from the field for 3 points, with just 4 defensive rebounds in 30 minutes. I'm no economist, but when his points+rebounds+assists equal less than his salary, he probably played a bad game. EB also played miserable defense on Chris Bosh. For the most consistent player on this team, this was pretty appalling.

Everything about Andre Iguodala has been said already. Great defense, sure, but poor choices on the offensive end have made him public enemy number one for Philly doubters. His pull-up jumpers early in the shot clock, awkward missed chances at the rim, and a sudden proneness to turning the ball over has left everyone wanting more from the 8th best defensive player in the league (joke).

The rotations have been strange to say the least, and when you get blown out so badly, it's usually the coach's fault. Doug's a great guy and I think he's been terrific for this team, but not playing Evan Turner in the third quarter, giving Marreese Speights minutes out of nowhere, and failing to come up with a reasonable gameplan for game two is condemnable in the short term. The technical foul at the end of the game was just frustration oozing out.

Louis Williams has been awful. He probably should not have come back from his injury, because he looks completely useless. Lou has poor shot selection regularly, but 4-18 for the first two games is low even for him. If he's hurt, just sit the man. Especially since he can only guard Mike Bibby on this team and even then he's done a bad job rotating back.

It's hard to blame Marreese Speights because he just got thrown into the fire inexplicably, but we can do it anyway. He has been the worst player on the court the first two games of this series, failing to play any defense at all and instead deciding to forecheck players as they drive the lane (hockey reference!). His jump shot has been, needless to say, off -- a glance at his 2-12 shooting for the playoffs should tell you that. What's more embarrassing is how a good chunk of those were open layups. Inexcusable.

Jason Kapono still makes $6.6 million. He's at least partly to blame.

As well as Thaddeus Young played in Game One, that's how awful he was in Game Two. Joel Anthony shut him down with length and athleticism, but Thad kept at it. His resiliency is good in principle, but he took 20 shots and that's far too many for Thad to take. Most of his buckets came in garbage garbage time -- the whole game was game was garbage time, which is why I had to add the second one. He'll bounce back next game but man was he turds in this one.

Other guys played horribly as well but these are your seven choices. Vote well and defend your decision in the comments.

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