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Checking in with Playoff Predictions

The votes have been tabulated and we've got a consensus voting for each of the categories in the Playoff Prediction post of a few days previous. The most shocking point is that Dongaila didn't play game one. Could've sworn he'd Dong his way to a 20 and 10. Here are the aggregate predictions.

Heat or Sixers?

28 - Heat

11 - Sixers

How many games?

4 - 4 games

18 - 5 games

11 - 6 games

6 - 7 games

Who will lead the Sixers in points?

6 - Jrue Holiday

18 - Elton Brand

2 - Andre Iguodala

6 - Thaddeus Young

2 - Louis Williams

2 - Jodie Meeks

Who will lead the Heat in scoring?

24 - Dwyane Wade

13 - LeBron James

1 - Chris Bosh

1 - Zydrunas Ilgauskas (woo!)

How many minutes will Evan Turner average?

The mean was 15 minutes. He played 9 minutes in Game One.

How many combined ISOs will Andre and Lou have?

The mean was 9.9 ISOs. So far they have one.

How many Third Quarter Collapses?

The mean was 2.58, although yosoysean predicted they'd collapse in 7 third quarters despite him having the series go only 5 games. Risky move, Sean.


31 - No

8 - Yes

Who will play more minutes between Jamaal Magloire and Juwan Howard?

9 - Magloire

30 - Howard

How many three's will James Jones hit this series?

The mean was 13.23. He hit 1 in the first game.

Tiebreaker: How many average comments in the game thread?

The mean was 553.7. In the first game we had a WHOPPING and record-shattering 1135 comments.

Can't wait to see who gets dinner with Tanner!

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