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Chris Bosh Claims to Have a Killer Instinct

"Killer Instinct" is one of the most polarizing terms in the history of Liberty Ballers. We even have a t-shirt in its honor. If you need to know more, look it up in the Liberty Ballers Glossary. So needless to say, we've got a long history of killer instinctness around here.

But when Chris Bosh talked to Sid Rosenberg on WQAM in Miami, he not only insulted Eddie Jordan, the Sixers, and instincts in general...he insulted all of us.

Chris, do you agree that the Heat are going to kill the 76ers in the first round of the playoffs?

"Well we have to have that killer instinct. We have to think that in our minds before we even step on the court or we might as well not step on that court at all."

I'll tell you something, Chris. You may want to reconsider stepping on that court because if there's one team that's grittier and veteranier and tougherer and mostly killer instincter (!), it's the Sixers. We're the underdog. You're the Lakers circa 2003. You can flip the switch. We're scrappy. You have three guys that make $14 million apiece. Jodie Meeks makes under 800 grand. Your coach uses a shakeweight. Ours makes faces with Michael Curry.

Are you disappointed that the Heat didn't draw the Knicks in the first round?

"It’s unfortunate that it didn’t happen, but Philly’s our opponent so we’re getting ready for them."

You watch yourself Chris. This ain't Toronto. You can't make videos promoting yourself for the All-Star game without someone editing it into a porn video with Paris Hilton. Watch out, bro. You and your killer instinct are on notice.

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