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Playoff Predictions: Sixers Vs. Heat

Before we bust out a preview and drop tons of analysis and factoids in your membranes, I wanted to give you all a chance to see just how smart you are and if you're better at our job (job?) than we are. Try to get as many right or as many of these answers hilariously incorrect for everyone's enjoyment. The winner of this contest will get a candlelit dinner with the blog lord of your choice, as long as your choice isn't Derek, Jordan, or me.

All you have to do to enter the contest is post your predictions in the comments section and we'll keep track of the rest.

1. Who will win the series?

2. How many games will the series be?

3. Who will score the most points for the Sixers?

4. Who will score the most points for the Heat?

5. How many minutes will Evan Turner average?

6. How many end of quarter/half/game ISO's will Andre Iguodala and Louis Williams combine for?

7. How many third quarters will the Sixers lose by more than 8?

8. Will Dongaila play at all?

9. Who gets more minutes for Miami -- Jamaal Magloire or Juwan Howard?

10. How many three's will James Jones hit in the series?


- How many comments will LB average in the game threads?

Place your bets! We've got so much content for you in the next few days it's sickening. Keep refreshing.

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