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Sixers Vs. Heat Game Time Announced

Though the Western Conference hasn't been finalized yet, the East is all set so the NBA has announced the game one times. The Sixers and Heat will follow the Bulls and Pacers Saturday matinee with the awkwardly timed 3:30 tip-off, which will most likely not actually tip off until 3:45 after all the brouhaha. The game gets some national love on ABC. Orlando and Atlanta finish up the Saturday East action on ESPN at 7:00. The Knicks and Celtics will most likely get a coveted time slot on Sunday night.

I know the tendency is for Philadelphia fans to bitch and moan about playing second or eighth fiddle to every other team, but let's not do it this time. Let's say that we've got a nice little spot with which to play in front of a national audience and take game one from the Mighty Mighty El Heat. Let's forget that the Phillies had to play the Rockies in the playoffs at 2:00 in the afternoon on a Tuesday about 10 times in the past four years and move on.

This group of guys has a chance to shock the world. As fans (inherently idiots, ourselves included), we shouldn't get in their way.

3:30 on Saturday. Bring your A-game, everybody.

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