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Magic pummel Sixers on the glass, lock Sixers into 7th seed

I'm a big fan of not putting more effort into a recap than the team did in the game, so this is going to be short.  Here's all you need to know.

  • The Sixers had, by far, their worst rebounding game of the season, grabbing 17.8% of their available offensive rebounds, compared to the magic grabbing 45.2% of their chances.  That's the worst both in terms of differential, and the worst defensive rebounding game of the season for the Sixers.  Obviously, this had a slight impact on the game.
  • With the Sixers loss, they're now locked into the 7th seed.  
  • With the Celtics B-team losing to the Wizards, the Heat are now locked into the #2 seed, giving the Sixers their first round opponent.  View the full playoff bracket.  
Other than that, feel free to dissect/complain about the game.  Outside of that late 2nd/early 3rd quarter run, this was a tough game to watch, and the Sixers were terribly outplayed.  Complain about the effort.  Debate whether Turner being removed to start the second half was the right move.  Complain about his bad play.  Jrue's questionable shot selection and/or decision making.  About whether it was smart to play Brand nearly 38 minutes.  Discuss our chances in the first round.  Have at it.

Player of the game: Elton Brand
Next up: Wednesday, against Detroit, and the Wells Fargo Center.

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