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Iguodala Back-to-Back Triple Doubles; Evan Turner 20 points

Opponents of the Warriors are known for producing statistical anomalies, but Andre Iguodala recorded his second consecutive triple double tonight, and Evan Turner scored 20 points for the second time in his career.

My head's telling me not to get too excited, because the Sixers really turned in a sub-par performance, but watching Evan Turner look as comfortable and aggressive as he has in a Sixers uniform – and do things college players of the year and number two picks are expected to do – was as satisfying of a moment as I've had all season.

Discuss the win here. I'll be back for a full recap later. Also, the Knicks beat the Hawks, so the Sixers are still .5 games back of the sixth seed.

P.S. Evan Turner just wants to play for crying out loud.

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