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Andres Nocioni May Demand a Trade Next Season

Despite the pre-season front office excitement of Andres Nocioni bringing "hustle", "leadership", and "experience", Noce hasn't played much of a role in the Sixers return to relevancy this season. He hasn't played more than 15 minutes in two months, and is just shy of 20 DNP-CD's for the season. But he's kept relatively quiet while the Sixers make their playoff push with him on the bench.

And now, according to this ESPN Deportes article by Noce himself, he could want out after this season. Hoopshype has some of the translation.

The fact that I'm staying (with the Sixers) this year doesn't mean the same thing happens the next one. If my situation doesn't change, I may ask to be traded. I want to be an active member of a team. This is difficult for everybody and more so for somebody with my personality.

I can't blame the guy. He's a player that's had a ton of international success and played a crucial role for the Bulls during the mid-00's, but in the past two years, he's really been an afterthought. True, his body is breaking down a bit, but on a contending team, he could play a nice role for 10-15 minutes off the bench. Unfortunately he plays the position that's currently the strongest on this team and doesn't do much that Thaddeus Young, Andre Iguodala, and Evan Turner can't provide from a younger guy.

Hopefully they'll find a suitor for him in the offseason when his contract is ready to expire (disregarding the team option for the following year). I know Collins wants to do right by him, and at only 31, Noce has some gas left in the tank for someone who could use him.

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