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Speezy Sez: The Return of the Speez

Following and translating the worldly Marreese Speights on Twitter, and the tweets that make us love him. After sifting through the billion or so tweets of the past month and a half, here are the ten best that you need to see.

Tron, these are for you.

@MR_GoodLQQking horndog who bro who bro lol

I could really go for a corn dog but Mike Preston is always telling me I can't eat them.

Why do these girls look like men lmao

Maybe this isn't the bar I thought it was.

Everybody already no it's u so stop acting like it's not.

It was Colonel Mustard with the lead pipe in the billiard room. Admit it, Colonel!

@JJHickson21 go to sleep food

J.J. Hickson likes when I tuck him in and it's pretty hard to do that during the season.

They may forget what you said, but they will never forget how you made them feel.

Sorry bro, somebody hacked my Twiter accout bro that crazy shesh.

5 more after the jump...



Right on bro but what they say about them Skinny girls shesh lmao

If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life, never make a pretty woman your wife...

I can't control nth that I don't have control over


I Follow Alot Of Ugly Female

I follow a lot of ugly female.

This guy really shouldn't be smelling this bad this early in the moring

I thought we traded Reggie Evans!

Just had a great nap got to be my top 10 best naps

Best Nap List!

1. During all of my finals sophomore year

2. On the bench

3. While Eddie Jordan diagrammed plays

4. Watching Sleepless in Seattle

5. Just now

6. In traffic

7. While spotting for Elton Brand on the bench press

8. On my tractor

9. Dancing with the wolves

10. On my most recent blind date

Thanks for Speezy for all his wisdom. Good luck to him with all of his exploits with women. Stay classy, Gainesville.

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