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Sixers @ Kings (Royals?) Game Thread/Frowny Face

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Philadelphia 76ers (34-33)


Sacramento Kings (16-50)

TV: NBA League Pass Channel 8, Comcast SportsNet

Tip Time: 10:00 EST

Location: ARCO Arena

Vegas Line: 5 (Sixers)

Previous Meetings: None

Mortal Enemies of the Night: Sactown Royalty

76ers vs Kings coverage

Unfortunately some upsetting things are going on in Kings nation. I direct you to Tom Ziller's post "Why We Fight" about the seemingly inevitable move to Anaheim for the Kings franchise.

This is the first time we get a glimpse of Samuel Dalembert as a member of a team other than the one he played for from 2001-2010. Should get a few laughs out of that.

Late game, kids. Let's be sure to thread it hard and thread it good.