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Sixers vs. Celtics Part Three Preview

The first time the Sixers and Celtics faced off, Philly had 7 guys in double figures but couldn't overcome a last second alley-oop bank from Rajon Rondo to Kevin Garnett and lost by one.

Less than two weeks later, the Sixers were undone by a really poor shooting night from Andre Iguodala, despite terrific games out of Jrue Holiday and Elton Brand.

This time, Jeff Green is in green (like Kermit!) and Nenad Krstic hangs out sometimes too. No Nate Robinson to tear up Louis Williams on defense, thankfully, and no Shaq due to his injured Achilles. There will be plenty of room inside for which to bump uglies, should Collins decide to send his uglies in there for bumping. The Celtics are certainly ailing and tonight will be the best shot these Sixers have at making a statement game at home against their "rivals". Despite some recent sluggishness, the Celtics remain the best team in the East and second to San Antonio in the league. That would be quite a statement. Is it finally time to abandon the feel-good losses?

Also, I was a guest on CLNS Radio's podcast The Block Party and boy was that a hoot. Have a listen here. I'm on pretty much right away, and I'm much more nasally than I am in person, I promise. The guys running the 'cast were definitely Celtics-centric and didn't have what I would call a terrific knowledge of this year's Sixers (like most of the world), but I do like talking out of my ass and saying "um" a lot, so I enjoyed myself.

Let this be your pre-Celtics prediction thread. Happy Conference Tournament Friday - watch the games and keep up with the SBN Philly storystream for A-10 and Big East conference games.

Make your predictions here. The Legend has already called his shot with a Sixers win. I have the Sixers losing another close one. Go basketballs!

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