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Evan Turner to Work with Shooting Coach

From the Daily News:

[Herb Magee and Evan Turner] will get together at some point during the offseason and see whether they can fix what Turner calls "a hitch" in his jumper.

Magee, head coach at Philadelphia University for the past 44 years, is widely regarded as a great shooting coach, and has recently worked with Jameer Nelson. Here's a look at Nelson's jump shot percentages over the past five seasons.


"I'll watch him when we first meet and we'll get in a good practice session," Magee said. "What we won't do is just come in and start firing shots. We'll work on fundamentals - where the shooting hand is, the guide hand, the legs - then build to the final shot. There's no sense in shooting three-pointers if you don't have the right form from 10 feet. I will show him what I consider to be the perfect shot, the way of releasing the ball."

This is obviously great news.

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