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Craig Brackins Back From D-League

For the second time this season, Craig Brackins has returned from a D-League stint with the Springfield Armor. According to the Sixers website, Brackins is 7th in the (D-)league in scoring at 19.9 points per game. In his last three games, he averaged 25 points and 11 rebounds. He went to Springfield with the intention of improving his rebounding, defense, and interior game -- at least the rebounds were there. He shot 19 three's in those three games, making 5 of them.

What role Brackins will play the rest of the season in Philly remains to be seen. If he comes up just to rot on the bench, he may as well be in the D-League. But if he's back here to get 10 or so minutes, then that's something. With the disappearance of Marreese Speights since his 23 point night in Toronto, there's a chance Craig could jump Mo in Doug's rotations.

I doubt it. Tony Battie and Spencer Hawes will still be looked to for minutes over both players. Hawes I have less of a problem with because, though he hasn't shown much potential, he is still just 22. Battie hasn't gotten much playing time, but every second he gets is an indication that the coaching staff and management value experience over potential. Speights and Brackins should be getting all of his playing time, while lowering that of Elton Brand. For a soon-to-be 32 year old veteran with an extensive injury history, 35 minutes per night is too much. Especially when you consider how dependent the team is on Elton to be the big man, he's getting overworked right now.

Bringing in Speights and Brackins will lessen the load on EB and give the staff an idea of what these two can offer on a nightly basis. Otherwise expect them to lure Jamaal Magloire out of retirement because of how much "experience" he has.

Anyway -- hope Craig gets some run.

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