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The Liberty Ballers DONG Categories Announced

We have a good time gabbing about the Sixers here on Liberty Ballers but a good chunk of the discussion here comes from what Tanner had for lunch or Jordan's summer long shaving sabbatical. I like to think we've developed quite the community here and I have a pretty good picture of what you're all like away from the computer (Sean).

So with less than three weeks until Harry Osborn and Mia Thermopolis kick off the 83rd Annual Academy Awards, it's only fitting that LB announces its nominees for a number of meaningful categories in what will now be known as the DONG Awards. None of the categories include Best Blogger -- we don't want any feelings hurt, plus we know you love us all equally. Like your children.

Without further ado, here's the list of categories that will be voted on in polls over the coming days and you can hit the jump for the nominees.

Best Obsession

Best Meme

Best Zumoffism

Best Rant

Best Nickname

Best Commenter

Best Obsession

1. RickoT's love for Marreese Speights

2. LeQuan Glover's hate for Andre Iguodala

3. Mike Levin's hate for Louis Williams

4. RickoT's love for Derrick Favors

5. NoceOne's love for Andres Nocioni

Best Meme

1. Bucket=Stop=Bucket

2. BUST!

3. MissionBJ

4. Shots!

5. Iso

Best Zumoffism

1. "Locking all windows and doors"

2. "Fighting the good fight"

3. "On the see-saw"

4. "Turning garbage into gold"

5. "Dirty dancing"

Best Rant

(Derek is way too cool to rant. Apparently I should start medicating.)

1. Levin - Evan Turner Got DNP-CD'd Against the Lakers

2. Sams - Good-Bye Lottery, Hello Playoffs: A Lesson in Tanking

3. Levin - How Louis Williams is Holding Back the Sixers

4. Steidel - Sixers Iso and Foul Their Way to an Overtime Loss in Orlando

5. Levin - Sixers Collapse to Grizzlies. Bad teams do this.

Best Nickname

1. Dongaila

2. The Jruth

3. The Villain


5. The Jodiac Killer

Best Commenter

(Chosen by post frequency, post intelligence, post hilarity, post regularity, post conversationalism, but not Posting nor Toasting)

1. yosoysean

2. joe_digiacomo

3. Tron79

4. dweebowitz

5. The Legend

6. packimop

7. prideoux

8. soman319

9. jrb5094

10. jefu


Get excited about the voting in the comments! Also, yell at me for not including you in the Best Commenter category. It was a tough ten to choose from, and there's a number of you who came very close or some (pumper, hart ford and James_C come to mind) who have just recently started getting into it. We love you all and think we have a nice mix of new guys and veterans on the list here. Should be a close vote.

We'll probably still be doing The Ricko's and The Jodie's at the end of the season as well.

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