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Has Spencer Hawes Met Your Expectations?

I'm in the process of writing (or thinking about writing) an article about Spencer Hawes' season as a Sixer, but I wanted to get your thoughts on the subject before doing so.

After trading Samuel Dalembert for Hawes and Andres Nocioni, it was thought that the 22-year-old center out of Washington would compete for a starting job with Marreese Speights and ultimately win out because of his maturity (unlike Speezy) and ability to pass from the 5-spot. The general consensus in game threads and discussion points has been that Hawes isn't playing well and is not one of the building blocks in the core of this franchise.

He's still just 22 and, three years removed from being the 10th pick in the draft, still has room to improve. But he's only got a qualifying offer for next season and with the uncertain CBA, this could be his last (and only) season as a Sixer.

Let me know what you think about Double-Zero and I'll come out with my thoughts in the coming days.

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