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The Jruth Wins; Best Commenter Goes To...

Congrats to The Jruth for edging out The BOSS for the Dong Award -- Dong has been a good sport about the whole thing, I promise you. The Villain and The Jodiac Killer also got a good chunk of the voting. Electoral College and all that.

But this is the big one. On a sports blog like this (Chortle Chortle), you guys are the strength of the site. JMTD (Jordan, Mike, Tanner, Derek, obvs) write things on occasion and try to present topics for you guys to talk about mostly intelligently. But when it comes down to it, without you, us four would be in a small circle-J talking about basketball til 4 in the morning in Vegas. Actually that doesn't sound bad.

What I'm trying to say is we appreciate you. And the 10 nominees for Best Commenter are the ones we feel deserve recognition for how much time they waste here and present reasonably sound arguments backed both by statistics and empirical evidence, mixed with the occasional dash of humor and news. They're also the ones who look best in a bikini. So without further babbling, here are your nominees for Best Commenter...

1. yosoysean

Sean is coming off a year where he won the Ricko for Most Valuable Commenter so he has to be the frontrunner for this category. Though he's taken time away from writing haiku's to picking apart long-winded comments from some of our favorite people not nominated for this category, Ricko and LeQuan. If you're voting for Seany boy, an assist goes to those two as well. Sean's favorite movie is Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit.

More nominees after the jump!

2. joe_digiacomo

Aside from having a similar-sounding name to Jodie Meeks (Joe-D!), Big Joe can be counted on for a few gems in the game thread. He also sends tweets my way sometimes and I like that. He wears his WCU purple and gold proudly and his favorite movie is Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas.

3. Tron79

Hailing from the metropolis of Bethlehem, Tron specializes in reminding me to do things I promised him, like posting the LB Drinking Game and writing more Speezy Sez's. He's always good for a classic banana stand reference and the occasional shiny video game suit. His favorite movie is Daddy Day Care.

4. dweebowitz

Responsible for the LWHAI for a certain Louis Williams, Dweeb matches me point for point in hatred for the Boss. He also makes a mean chicken noodle soup when he's not off being a lawyer in lawyer land. Occasionally, he will reminisce with tk76 on what life was like during the Great Depression. That was in poor taste -- I love you both. Dweeb's favorite movie is Jeepers Creepers.

5. The Legend

Somehow a Sixers fan from Oregon, The Leg is the most reliable fanshotter we've got on LB. He was one of the first to jump ship on #missionBJ and root for wins. He also hates everything about Cam Newton. His favorite movie is D3: The MIghty Ducks.

6. packimop

Mop hangs around here a good deal and is wholly responsible for turning Ricko's formula into a more simpler bucket=stop=bucket. For Christmas, I gave him he things I keep in my loose floorboard under the attic -- he tried to re-gift it but I totally caught him. His favorite movie is Johnny Mnemonic.

7. prideoux

Ohhhhh Young Nicholas. He's also in the running for Biggest Pikachu fan on the site, although Jordan may give him a run for his money. Little Nicky sneaks on his computer when his parents go to sleep and talks dirty to all of us. He's got the biggest case of the Mondays I've ever seen and his favorite movie is Two Weeks Notice.

8. soman319

Repping the minorities for LB, Soman bounced back from a disappearing year to comment to all of our heart's content. He's definitely one of the most polite members of the Slippery Brawlers contingent and always greets newbies and shoebies with respect. That's who he is, and that's what he cares about. His favorite movie is Mona Lisa Smile.

9. jrb5094

The newest member of all the nominees, jrb starting coming by more when the Sixers got the number 2 pick in the lotto. Hidden by his initials, I have reason to believe that he is actually James R. Brown, the hardest working man in show business. Good to have you, brother. His favorite movie is Herbie: Fully Loaded.

10. jefu

From ancient Japanese culture, Jefu is typically treated as a sage at the LB Gates. He is fluent in 18 languages and dialects, including Jive but definitely not Pig Latin. When Jefu wants to lay the smack down on you, he does. I can appreciate his insulting ability, which he learned from Hattori Hanzo many years ago. His favorite movie is The Cheetah Girls.

The winner gets one guaranteed Front Page'd fanpost whenever they'd like. Unless it sucks, in which case -- write better.

Good luck to all the Dong nominees! And be sure to post your Oscar thoughts here as well. I'm going with The King's Speech, David Fincher, Colin Firth, Natalie Portman, Christian Bale, and Melissa Leo. If I'm right, then ALL OF YOUR DONGS BELONG TO ME.

To everyone who didn't get a nom, we love you, keep coming back, and try assassinating whoever wins -- that'll get you the automatic bid next year.

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