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Former Sixers Jason Smith Scores Career-High 20

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Best known for his makeout seshs around these parts, former Sixers Jason Smith started only his second game of the season for the Hornets last night, and produced a career-high 20 points (on 11 shots).

The 2007 20th overall pick had some disappointing and injury-plagued seasons for the Sixers before being shipped to the Hornets this past off-season, along with the much-maligned Willie Green. In return the Sixers received 2010 first-round pick Craig Brackins, who's currently serving time in the D-League and producing self-made documentaries

Smith is having a decent season as the Hornets go-to big off the bench, but nothing to cry and stuff your face with bon-ons over, if you're a Sixers fan. 

Check out video of his wicked crossover and finish for 2 of his career-high 20 last night, after the jump.


Video via TBJ