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Thorpe: Jrue Holiday Ranks 5th Among Rookies/Sophomores

Number 5 on your Rookie/Sophomore rankings, but number 1 in your hearts.
Number 5 on your Rookie/Sophomore rankings, but number 1 in your hearts.

The article is Insider-only content. If you do have ESPN Insider, here's the link. The list is of first and second-year NBA players and is ranked by how they've performed this year only.

Per David Thorpe:

5. Jrue Holiday, 76ers

A case can be made that Philly is the league's most improved team and Holiday, who leads the Sixers in minutes played, just might be its most valuable player. He sets the stage for the team on offense and defense, ranking second in assists and fourth in steals among all first- and second-year players.

The four players ahead of Jrue (in order) are Blake Griffin, Stephen Curry, DeJuan Blair, and Serge Ibaka. Honestly, I think the Jruth should be ahead of Ibaka if only because of the amount he's relied on by the Sixers. Because of the presence around Ibaka, he can contrenate solely on his defensive effort down low without having to worry about the offesnive end much, or at times, at all. Jrue is given more responsibilities within his role and has delivered tremendously while only being 20 years old.

How do you guys feel about the rankings? Should Jrue be higher/lower or is he slotted at just the right spot? Does John Wall belong where he is (9) being two spots behind Ty Lawson?

h/t Primoz4Breakfast?

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