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SB Nation Ranks Thaddeus Young as 70th Most Watchable

Take it away, Mike Prada...

The 76ers as a whole are a fun watch, with a team full of athletes that get after you defensively. Of all of them, I like Young's game the best, because he's able to slash and slither his long frame around the rim for some cool finishes.

It's good to see Thad get some pub on a fun list like this, because I wasn't expecting any Sixers to get noticed. And there's no denying Thaddeus has been finishing in more exciting ways this year than ever before. Remember when we would pine for him to throw it down near the rim and in transition instead of finesse layups? He hasn't become the offensive juggernaut we overvalued him as during his rookie year, but he's one of the craftiest players on the team and can bring the house down with the best of them.

In terms of watchability, though, I'd probably give it to Jrue Holiday. Maybe it's because I value him more as the future of this team, but I think he's generally a more exciting player than Thad. He's a better ball-handler and is a much bigger threat from the outside than Thad. It's about as subjective as you get because watchability is in the eye of the beholder. There are generally agreed upon opinions though -- Elton Brand and Spencer Hawes won't be at the top of anybody's list.

Actually, if you go by excitement level in the game threads, I'd say Dong is the most watchable.

Oh and Prada has Blake Griffin as #1 and LeBron James at 2 with Russell Westbrook just behind them. I buy it.

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