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RUMOR: Thaddeus Young on the Trading Block?

Sam Amico writes ...

Philadelphia is apparently testing the market to see what it can get for Thaddeus Young. The 76ers like the reserve forward, but feel they could get a mid-first rounder for him and/or shore up the center position.

As I wrote earlier this month, trading Thaddeus Young would benefit the Sixers on several levels. They'd be selling him when his stock's as high as it's ever been, alleviating themselves of a difficult decision this summer when Thad becomes a restricted free agent, and hopefully filling a need.

As good as Young has been for the Sixers off the bench this season, he's more of a luxury than necessity. If the Sixers' front office were able to swing him for the interior defender they're desperately missing – whether it be a younger guy like Marcin Gortat, or a grizzled vet like Marcus Camby – I'd consider it a win. In my mind, Thad's an expiring contract, and nothing good will come from him finishing the season a Sixer. He'll either walk, leaving the Sixers with nothing but memories, or the Sixers will sign him to an unwarranted extension.

If there's any truth to rumor, I applaud the Sixers front office for recognizing the situation and at least attempting to make the right move. 

H/T: Choopong

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