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RUMOR: Sixers and Warriors NOT in Discussions About Andre Iguodala

Last month it was reported that Andre Iguodala (and Elton Brand) were officially off the market. Then yesterday, we learned that Coach Collins plans on using Iguodala as "the point forward", further cementing his role on the team, and seemingly eliminating any chance he's traded by the February 24th deadline. 

However; two days ago the Mercury News claimed, "[Iguodala] has been on the Warriors' radar for a while, according to team sources," which Mr. Tom Moore of clarified earlier today: 

As for a report in the San Jose Mercury News in which a Golden State team source claims "Andre Iguodala has been on the radar of the Warriors for a while," the Sixers and Warriors aren't believed to have engaged in any substantial talks about a possible trade.

This comes as no surprise, given the previous reports out of Sixers camp. To much dismay, the odds the Sixers trade Iguodala this month are slim-to-none, unless blown away by an offer.

With that in mind, I've concocted a potential "Godfather offer" from the Warriors which may be just good enough to get the Sixers talking. At the very least, it'll tickle your fancies. Follow the jump.

Sixers receive:

Andris Biedrins

Ekpe Udoh

2011 & 2012 1st round picks

[Update: John Schuhmann pointed out that the Warriors can't trade these picks.]

Dan Gadzuric

Reggie Williams

Brandan Wright

Warriors receive:

Andre Iguodala

Elton Brand

Jodie Meeks

Tony Battie


Seems like a no-brainer for the Sixers: save a ton of money, escape salary cap purgatory with one swoop, achieve full youth movement, and acquire a rebounding big man prospect under 25.

The Warriors would be taking a monumental risk taking on the Iguodala/Brand contracts, but with both players playing at a borderline All-Star level (in the East), they'd have a pretty interesting and versatile top 6 of Curry, Ellis, Iguodala, Brand, Lee, and D.Wright.

I assume this is the only type of deal the Sixers would be willing to discuss at this point.

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