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Sixers Week 14 Power Rankings + Rookie Rankings

John Hollinger - 14th (6th in East)

Marc Stein, ESPN - 17th (7th in East)

Can't tell you how often I've heard it from rival coaches/scouts: Collins has the Sixers, for all of their issues in close games (1-7 in games decided by three or less) and suspect shooting, playing as hard as anyone does.

Hollinger Playoff Odds - 70.9% (projected 40-42)

Tom Ziller, SB Nation - 18th (7th in East)

Philly went 8-6 in January to make modest improvement in the win-loss column and keep hold of the No. 7 spot. Color me surprised a team starring Jrue Holiday and Andre Iguodala is only No. 18 in turnover creation. This same squad was No. 9 last season.

Kurt Helin, PBT - 16th (7th in East)

There is just no way this team trades Andre Iguodala as they fight for a playoff berth. The rumors will circulate but the Sixers are currently the seven seed and just one game up on the nine seed Bucks. They are not going to throw in the towel unless the offer is just too good to ignore.

DimeMag - 19th (8th in East)

Andre Iguodala isn't going out to score 25 points every night, but he's stepping up as a leader lately and making plays all over the court.

HoopsWorld - 18th (7th in East)

With the Knicks slumping, the Sixers are starting to think six seed.

Composite: 17th (7th in East)

Bonus: According to Basketball Reference's Wins Pythagorean the Sixers should be 24-23 instead of 21-26.


Rookie Rankings: Evan Turner ranks 18th in David Thorpe Rookie Rankings (ESPN).

Want a sign that Turner is starting to find his groove and the Sixers are learning how to play him? He's had three or more assists in five straight games. Prior to that, he had only three or more assists in back-to-back games two different times, both coming well before Thanksgiving. When Turner is playmaking, he's helping his team. He can't be just a guy who stands in the corner and waits for the ball.

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