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NBA Blocks Chris Paul, Paul Gasol, Lakers/Hornets/Rockets Trade


I think stunned is a pretty good word to describe the NBA blogosphere and Twitterverse today. After the announcement that sent many an NBA fan into hibernation that the Lakers were set to acquire Chris Paul, we were all that much more confunded to find out the league had vetoed the trade. The players will be sent back to their respective teams and forced to endure awkward interactions at the start of Training Camp tomorrow.

The League's excuse? "Basketball reasons". Sounds a bit too much like "Basketball Sense" to me and we know how that turned out. Let's get a more official word in here from the omniscient Adrian Wojnarowski via SB Nation:

Owners were irate in Board of Governors meeting with Stern, livid that the league-owned Hornets were allowed to make Paul deal, sources say. The NBA is now pushing New Orleans GM Dell Demps to pull the plug on the trade and keep Chris Paul, league sources tell Y! Sports.

So what happens now? Where does Paul get traded? Do the Lakers go after Dwight Howard now? Who keeps whom? How awkward is Kevin Martin? Does Luis Scola know what's going on? When will the NBA just admit to causing 9/11? And for the love of God, someone pacify the Lakers fans. DISCUSS THE HYSTERIA!

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