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NBA Free Agency Roundup: Handshake Deals

We're a few days in, and the pins are beginning to drop. Though nothing can be Facebook Official until tomorrow afternoon, handshake deals are pretty solid confirmation. Let's take a look at where we're at around the league, and we'll check in with all zero of the Sixers rumors thus far. Everything can be found on the SB Nation NBA Storystream, which is picking up more news and rumors than you can shake a stick at.

Lakers reach deal to sign Jason Kapono | ProBasketballTalk
BUT HOW ARE WE GOING TO MAKE UP FOR ALL THEM THREE-POINTERS HE MAKES? Quick: a list of players who hit more three's than Kapono last year.

  • Glen Davis
  • Al Horford
  • Kenyon Martin
  • Drew Gooden
  • Barack Obama
  • Abigail Breslin
  • The Twins from the Double Mint Gum Commercials
  • That Homeless Guy
  • Hurricane Irene
  • Paul Newman's Salad Dressing

We'll miss you Jason! I'll see you in LA!

Ziller - 76ers Free Agency Preview
An interesting chart about cap space relative to the luxury tax in there, but TZ shares the feelings of most non-Philadelphian basketball fans that Thaddeus Young is too valuable to let him walk. It's what the majority thinks, it's just not true. Anything over $7 million per is a pass for me.

Shane Battier To Sign With Miami Heat
The Heat are smart. They know what their team needs and they're going out and getting it. A defensive-minded center, a pass-first point guard, and, basically, Shane Battier are what separated them from going 82-0 last season. They're going to be the best team in the league.

Tracy McGrady 'Likely' To Sign One-Year Deal With Atlanta Hawks
He's just making his rounds at this point. Though he's still a solid fantasy option if you like 10, 5, and 4, he's not efficient or effective within an offense. Silkiness aside, T-Mac will stick in between J-Smoove and The Contract of Joe Johnson until he gets injured. One-year deals are the bomb though.

Richard Jefferson Released By Spurs Via Amnesty Clause
First casualty! Jefferson made waves last season when he opted out of his contract in a move most people deemed absurd. But he was vindicated when he got an equally fat deal from the normally money-responsible Spurs. Guess they're regretting that now, praise Jeebus for that amnesty clause. Can't wait to see who else gets tagged.

DeAndre Jordan Offered Five-Year, $40 Million Contract By Clippers
This is a fair deal for his ability now, but considering the upside (the upside!), he'll pass on this and get tons more in an offer sheet. I'd love the Sixers to go all in on a $10 million per instead of throwing money at Thaddeus Young, but the likelihood is they're happy with who they've got, which sometimes makes me pine for the Lockout again.

Vince Carter To Be Waived By Phoenix Suns
I can't imagine any circumstance in which I'd want my team (Sixers or not) to sign VC at this point. One-year contract only, but he'll get more. Then the owners will complain about the system some more. Stop offering dumb contracts and players will stop signing them. Simple.

Lakers Would Reportedly Make Andrew Bynum Available In Blockbuster
Drool. I don't know if they'd consider Andre Iguodala part of a blockbuster, but I'm daydreaming about a sign-and-trade of Thad with Dre to go to LA for Bynum and trash. Somebody make it work on Trade Machine. That being said, never gonna happen.

Tyson Chandler Ready To Leave Dallas Mavericks As Free Agent
This doesn't make sense to me. He just won a Championship and according to science, he's not getting any younger. He had his best year with Dallas. Now he'll go to the Nets or some terrible team, languishing until he retires.

Albert Pujols Is Now A Los Angeles Angel Of Anaheim
10 years, $250 million. He's the only player in the world worth this much. Makes the Ryan Howard contract seem slim. Have fun in the AL!

NBA Training Camp Invites Feature Familiar Names - Ridiculous Upside

The Sixers invite.....Antonio Anderson to camp! He's the forgotten man on the Memphis Tigers championship team that lost to Mario Chalmers and foul shooting. Always thought he had a chance somewhere. Could be an endathebench spot for him on the Sixers. Would like a point guard invite too, please.

Any other news of note? Plenty of rumors swirling, but all I'm thinking about is Reggie Williams. Come here Reggie. Good boy.

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