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Vote for the New Sixers Mascot

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A few weeks ago Hip Hop – the Sixers former mascot – was kicked to the curb as part of the new owners attempt to make changes. When the new owners officially took the reigns, they made it very clear the fans' opinions were important to them. One of the first actions they took as Sixers owners was create a webpage titled, where fans from all over had the opportunity to voice their opinion on what needs to be done to improve the franchise, whether the suggestion was as large as trading the team's best player, or banning the rabbit on 'roids from the Wells Fargo Center. In my experience no one has ever been to fond of Hip Hop, so it comes as no surprise the Sixers are in search of a new mascot.

Again, the new ownership is all about the fans, which I love. And it seems genuine, which I like even more. I may be a naive, but they have said and done all the right things thus far, so I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt until proven otherwise. So, it should come as no surprise that the Sixers new mascot will be decided by the fans, sort of.

Two days ago opened up fan voting for the new mascot, with three choices: Big Ben, B. Franklin Dogg and Phil E. Moose. To be honest, none of the three really excite me, but A for effort. The Moose is probably the most ascetically pleasing, but Ben Franklin probably makes the most sense.

Which one would you chose? Vote in the poll below and suggest what options you would have liked to see instead of the three they came up with, if any. I wanted to see a Carton impersonator as the new mascot, you know, with Will Smith partially owning the team and all.

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